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College of Management
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International Admission: Bachelor (Degree),Master(Degree)
Department Of Finance
Developing directions and programs
Developing directions :
Provide students with operation, management, planning and forecast of finance. International financial markets continue developing and being integrated. Financial products improve unceasingly. It is necessary to reconstruct financial institutes, to revise financial regulation and system, and to adjust the credit, production, consumption, and risk management of financial institute in the ever-changing financial world. At the same time, the risks of business become outstanding. The Department will provide students with excellent financial background for the demand of our society.
Coordinate with the demand of financial deregulation and internationalization:
Our government drives Taiwan to become Asia-Pacific Financial Center actively and proceeds with the policy of financial deregulation and internationalization. It is necessary to adjust the related regulations, including Futures Transaction Law, Banking Law, Financing Corporation Law, etc., and the related plan including deregulating holding foreign exchange and absorbing foreign capital into domestic financial market. These are expected to prepare Taiwan for competitive challenges in the world. The Department will foster students with financial management ability of it.
Coordinate with the local development and regional equilibrium
As a result of the industrial development of Xin-zhu Scientific Garden and Xin-zhu and Miao-li, the area has become an important industrial region in Taiwan. Most of the enterprises belong to manufacturing industry. It is urgent to provide financial human beings. It is helpful for the development of Xin-zhu and Miao-li region to set up the Department of Finance in Hsuan Chuang University. It is also helpful to balance the development of Taiwan.
Research Focus:
For coordination with the target of financial internationalization and deregulation, we elaborately designed the course programs. The basic courses include general management, quantity and mathematics, and financial markets. The medium courses, which provide with theoretical and empirical background, include financial products designation, investment and risk management, international financial management, and international investment. These programs enable students to continue advanced research. Therefore, we will recruit good teachers of every course background to train the students for the demand of personal, medium-small business, Asia-Pacific Financial Center.