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    Department of Radio and Television on Broadcasting
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GROUP: Mass Media
International Admission: Bachelor (Degree)
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        The Department of Journalism started in1999, two years after HCU was established .The overall objectives are :¡]1¡^to provide rigorous education in the theoretical concepts, general background and journalism skills necessary for students wishing to pursue careers in journalism .¡]2¡^to add to knowledge by conducting important research on the process, context and impact of journalism and mass communication, ¡]3¡^ to develop appropriate research methods for the study with the other university students in Hsin-Chu city.¡]4¡^to establish the school of mass communication included in the department of journalism, mass communication and telecommunications¡]5¡^to provide intellectual preparation that emphasizes the ability to solve problem effectively in a professional context, and the ability to cope with change in the professional world, ¡]6¡^to give students an understanding of the mass communication process, its impact, the socio-cultural environment within it operates .
Research Focus
The main features of the curriculum research
    To review on the communication theory and research methodology
    To focus on the Internet application and digital media study
    To emphasize on the communication and culture research
    To analyze on the Semiotics study
    To amplify on the media and society research