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History of the Department
The Training Program for Secondary School Teachers
To supply more secondary school teachers, the Center of Teacher 's Education started the teachers' training preparation program in August, 1999. Our objective is to train high-quality secondary school teachers in the areas of fine arts, business, social sciences and computer science.
• The Center is located on the fifth floor of the library building on HCU's campus. It includes the Main Office, Director's Office, full-time faculty offices, a large classroom for about 80 students' space, a small classroom for about 20 students, a medium classroom for 40-50 students, and a multi-media classroom with seats for 60 people.
• Instructional equipment includes personal computers, cameras, digital cameras, instructional demonstration videos, overhead projectors, LCD projectors, camcorders, and televisions.
• HCU library owns a rich collection of books and periodicals in the field of education, including 8,535 books and 840 periodicals, and ERIC microfilm collection.
Admission Requirement
HCU students with at least sophomore level may apply to the Center at the end of each school year. Applicants are required to take the following test:
• General Educational Knowledge Test.
Degree Requirement
Twenty-six course credits for students :
Required Courses: At least sixteen course credits focusing on the following fields -- Educational Foundations, Educational Methodology, Teaching Practices and Internship.
Elective Courses: At least ten course credits focusing on educational administration, public relations, school competency, latent curriculum, open education, distance education, or other concerns of educational studies according to the availability of faculty.
Internship: Both graduate and undergraduate students need to undertake a six-month teaching practice in secondary schools after the fulfillment of course credits.
The Center for Teacher's Education currently has 7 employees, including 3 professors, 2 lecturer, and 2 secretaries. In addition, there are 4 part-time professors. The Center for Teacher's Education is expecting new incoming professors in the near future.

Full-Time Professor
Name Position Education Research Field Extension Mail
Chieh-Fu Chao Professor, Chairperson Ph.D
National Chengchi University
Psychology Education,Qualitative Research 1275 cfchao@wmail.hcu.edu.tw
Hsin-Wen Chang Lecture MA
Dallas Baptist University
Psychology Education, Gender Education, Instructional Media 5222 hsinwen@wmail.hcu.edu.tw
Tay-Yih Fheu Lecture MA
National Taiwan Normal University
Educational Administration 2267 tayih@wmail.hcu.edu.tw


Undergraduate Course
Educational Foundation Courses Required (4) Introduction to Education
Educational Psychology
Educational Sociology
Philosophy of Education
( 2 credit each, choose 2 out of 4 )
Educational Methodology Courses Required (6) Principles of introduction
Principles and Practice in Guidance and Counseling
Curriculum Development and Design
Instructional Media and Implementation
(Classroom Management Educational Measurement and Evaluation 2 credit each, choose 2 out of 4 )
Practicum Course Required Teaching Methods and Materials in Special Subjects
Practicum 1 & 2
Elective Courses Educational Administration
Gender Education
School Administration
Secondary Education