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GROUP: Mass Media
International Admission: Bachelor (Degree)
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        With the arrival of information era, mass communication is playing an increasingly important role in the emerging modern society. The demand of the excellent talents in the profession of mass communication increases as the world craves for quality information. However, as most media institutes being located in Taipei City, Taiwan, the presence in the media for the rest of the country is greatly impeded by the shortage of manpower and supporting organizations. Located in Hsin-Chu City, Taiwan, the University is committed to the education of talented professionals for the local mass media. Founded by a Buddhist community, the university places extra emphasis on the moral education. In addition to its high standard of academic achievement, the University aims to raise the consciousness of a high moral standard among students. After all, we believe that the influence of the media profession is far-reaching, and of high social responsibility.
Research Focus
1. Short-term objective: We are actively seeking out excellent candidates to join our faculty members, as well as expanding our facilities. We aim to train the students to be familiar with both the theoretic and practical sides of the mass communication. As there are many sub-fields in the media profession, the students are encouraged to develop their own interest and explore the breadth and the depth of the profession.
2. Middle-term objective: To provide the students with more opportunities for practical operation of the media, we plan to set up a community radio station on campus so that the students can get more involved with the community activities. In addition, we aggressively explore cooperative opportunities with media industry for mutually beneficial projects.
3. Long-term objective: We plan to set up a Communication College to integrate and to make efficient use of the resources scattered among various departments, including journalism, mass communication, visual communication, as well as a graduate school for mass communication. An international academic exchange iprogram s currently under development. Within the program, internationally renowned scholars in media will be invited to offer courses, lectures and workshops.