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College of Management
Group: Management
International Admission: Bachelor (Degree),Master(Degree)
I. Developing Direction and Project
Following the globalization of international economics, and the addition of internet and the trend of digital economy, through already bring the diverse opportunities of international markets to the managers of both domestic and foreign enterprises; the development of the major is to foster the students to achieve the view of globalization, foresight, leadership, and the ability of communication and negotiation as the primary objective; the students also need to achieve the competency of managerial studies of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in order to establish and practice the managerial performance of business, and therefore promoting enterprise¡¦s competitive advantage, when the students engage the international business management and operation in the future.
II. Course Program and Specialty
In the major, the course program and specialty are designed to meet the needs of global, national, regional economic development in both depth and width, and also combined theory and reality; therefore except the common mandatory courses, relied on the professional specialty of courses and except the common elective courses; the major is classified into three sets of specialty:Business Administration Specialty, International Trade Specialty, and Marketing and Logistics Specialty; additionally, the major offers many elective courses for students to choose from their own interests in order to participate the course.
III. Education and Career Consulting
(1) Education:
Joining the entrance examination of the various MBA programs of Hsuan Chuang University or domestic or foreign universities, such as graduate school of international business, graduate school of business administration, graduate school of management science, graduate school of technology management, graduate school of international trade, graduate school of marketing and logistics management, and graduate school of transportation and distribution management.
(2) Career:
1. Joining public sector or private sector of business, manufacture, management consulting firm, finance and insurance, telecommunication, and service sector as managerial personnel.
2. Joining the business of marketing management, marketing planning, marketing consulting, advertising, and logistics management as secretary or reserved personnel.
3. Developing and becoming the professional personnel of human resource management, international trade, international marketing, international financial project, and negotiation.
4. Joining the national high-standard or standard, occupational classification, and professional skill certification examination in order to acquire the job opportunity of the public sector.