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Department of Information Management

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College of Management
Group: Information (Informatics)
International Admission: Bachelor (Degree), Master (Degree)
The Department of Computer Science started as one of the four initial departments, Department of Information Management, when HCU was established in 1997. The department added its Master program in 2003, and adjusted its name to the Department of Computer Science in 2006. In addition to Electronic Commerce and Internet applications that the old department had pioneered in, the new department steps forward to cultivate research and development specialists in technology-related fields. With solid background of humanity, communication, and management that the school has to offer, the department enhances students the coordination, integration and development ability in various aspects.
Research Focus:
In order to combine theory and practice, the department establishes six research teams led by our professor(s) specialized in the field:
1. Soft Computing and Decision Analysis Research Team (led by Dr. Hu, Chien-Hsun)
2. Wireless Network Research Team (led by Dr. Cheng, Rey-Heng)
3. Electronic Commerce Research Team (led by Dr. Shih, Hung-Ping)
4. Information Security Research Team (led by Dr. Chen, Chien-Chang and Dr. Yang, Chyang-Huei)
5. Virtual Reality Technology Research Team (led by Dr. Yang, Yung-Ren)
6. Intelligent Multimedia System Research Team (led by Dr. Tsai, Yao-Hong and Dr. Chiang, Cheng-Hsiung)