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Governance and innovation are two of the key components in the overall management and evaluation of a government. The conduction of good governance and the diffusion of the idea of innovation constitute an important form of political power and legitimacy for a government, essential for its stability and durability. One of the major tasks of the government is to promote competitiveness with the acknowledged power to make binding decisions and issue obligatory commands available. To accomplish this task, the government is advised, first, to enhance its civil servants awareness of, and competence and expertise in, the practical and administrative skills involved in improving the effectiveness, accountability and legitimacy of governance. Well-trained civil servants take full responsibility for bringing together the expertise and skills of various professions to redistribute resources and promote social justice and well-being on several levels.
Public affairs management is a lively and rapidly developing critical and applied discipline broadly concerned with the issue of competitiveness, effectiveness, accountability, and equality. The Department is charged with the responsibility to undertake and publish research development studies concerned with public administration and management, and to train talented and dedicated individuals for leadership careers in public administration and management. It is an ultimate goal for the Department to implement the nationally-directed government reformation project and introduce some important ideas such as downsizing, expertise and excellent management to a variety of government activities.
Research Focus:
The Department places strong emphasis on the social relevancy of its teaching and research. It explicitly seeks to integrate both theoretical and practical issues in public affairs management. The problem-solving¡¨ direction of teaching and research is clearly reflected in the carefully designed courses, lectures, and seminars and encouraged by the departmental members past and present involvement in work for government and industry.
Moreover, the Department today continues to establish and reinforce the crucial links between the University and district communities, China, and the rest of the world. The Three Links policy is essential for our mission through the channels as follows: assistance to communities in acquiring resources and authority (Links with district communities); through cross-strait exchange program on city management (Links with China), and through a wealth of contacts with advanced country institutions and policy makers (Links with the world).
Our mission is sevenfold:
  • Training talented and dedicated individuals for leadership careers in governance public policy design, and implementation at local level.
  • Developing an awareness of, and competence and expertise in, the practical and administrative skills involved in running the public sector.
  • Emphasizing the characteristics of public affairs: marketing and communication
  • Developing new strategies to reform local government and retrain public executives of middle and upper level.
  • Developing the virtual government as to its networks and structures of public affairs
  • Improving the quality of local public services.
  • Conducting policy-relevant research, adhering to the highest standards of social science, and reinforcing the crucial link between theory and practice and between teaching and research.