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            image    Strengthen students English and computer ability.

            image    Unite the different fields classes to encourage synergy.

            image    Place importance on humanities and art classes.

            image    Execute the teaching evaluation and teachers awards.

        Students Counseling

            image    Keep our participation training program active.

            image    Implement a drop-out warning system and dual counselors system.

            image    Assist student clubs in involvement in community services.

            image    Encourage students independence with autonomous activities.


            image    Improve standard administration procedures to enhance efficiency.

            image    Complete computerized administration systems to facilitate communication amongst 
                    administration, faculty and research departments.

            image    Execute administration policy efficiently to reduce waste of labor and resources.

            image    Follow through on our mid-term school development plan.

        Academic Research

            image    Organize academic groups and units for specific research projects.

            image    Set up research grants to encourage academic research.

            image    Share the research results with the public.

            image    Edit and publish Buddhist Scriptures.

        Teaching Quality

            image    Create a warm and humane learning environment.

            image    Encourage cultural and art activities on campus.

            image    Encourage cordial communication between teachers and students.

            image    Practical Training and Extension Education

            image    Cooperate with industries and practical training organizations.

            image    Facilitate skill and personnel support exchanges with the industry.

            image    Build a community service network in cooperation with Hsuan Chuang Service Center.

            image    Advance the extension education program.

        Campus Environment

            image    Consider development plans for vacant land in accordance with future building needs.

            image    Enhance academic atmosphere through campus landscape design.

            image    Beautify the campus and develop more green space.