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        About Hsuan Chuang University

                Hsuan Chuang University was founded in 1997 in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, originally as "Hsuan Chuang 
        College of Humanities and Social Sciences."In the first year of establishment, five academic departments 
        (Foreign Languages, Law, Mass Communication, Social Welfare, and Information Management) and one 
        graduate institute (Religion) began to enroll students. Approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004 for its 
        outstanding academic performance, Hsuan Chuang College of Humanities and Social Sciences moved to 
        the next challenging stage, and officially became “Hsuan Chuang University."

                The scope of the University has gradually expanded in the following years, both academic programs and 
        facilities, such as a state-of-art virtual studio and Hsuan Chuang Television Station. In the summer of 2005, 
        Hsuan Chuang University won approval as one of the best in the newly established private universities in the 
        National Academic Evaluation. The University’s outstanting performance in education was again recognized 
        by the Ministry of Education, since awarded the Grant for Promoting University Academic Excellence in 2006. 
        Since the fall of 2006, five colleges containing 17 academic departments and 12 graduate programs have
        been set up, and 12 research centers are in operation. Today, the development of Hsuan Chuang University 
        steadily continues.

                We sincerely welcome overseas students to study at our school.For any further details about admission,
        please do feel free to contact us directly or visit our web at http://www.hcu.edu.tw.